The Foreign Fighters of the Jewish State

The “lone wolf”

Three separate attacks on state officials in Ottawa and New York between October 20 and 23 left corporate media networks salivating to cover the latest trend in Islamist terror: the “lone wolf”.

Despite a lack of evidence supporting connections between the attacks, outlets such as CNN didn’t miss a beat in creating speculation between each “lone wolf” and the influence of ISIS recruitment propaganda. CNN Anchor John Berman managed to group all three separate attacks together asking, “could this be a sign that the terror group’s (ISIS) supporters are listening?” On October 23 alone, CNN coverage used the word “ISIS” 173 times in its coverage of these Western “lone wolves”.

CNN’s speculative coverage is rooted in the reality that ISIS does maintain a diverse propaganda machine, one that includes a cat-themed Twitter page and a regular magazine publication. NYPD spokesman John Miller claims, “Today the model here is mass marketing. They played to a wide audience on a number of web platforms with increasingly sophisticated messaging.”

The Islamic State’s mass marketing offers its potential recruits a form of fascist religious nationalism that produces an immediate sense of purpose in the world, and more importantly, a big American gun. Popular estimations of the number of Americans who have joined the fascist crusade of the Islamic State hover around 100 individuals.

Foreign Fighters of the Jewish State

There is another movement of Americans fleeing to fight in a religious crusade that repeatedly slips through the cracks of corporate media coverage. With its own sophisticated propaganda that targets Jewish youth with a militant form of Jewish nationalism, 1000 American Jews have already fled their country to join the ongoing march of creating the Jewish State in Palestine with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).

In the time since the attacks in Ottawa and New York, the Jewish State has conquered 20 dunams (5 acres) of non-Jewish Palestinian land, approved the construction of 1000 Jewish only homes in previously seized non-Jewish Palestinian territory, and created a Jewish only “public” transportation line through Palestine.

IDF propaganda permeates American culture far beyond the depths of the Jihadist Internet where ISIS recruitment lies. In a recent NBA preseason game, the Brooklyn Nets hosted the Friends of the IDF organization as VIPs in a contest featuring the Brooklyn Nets and Maccabi Tel Aviv. During the pre-game celebration, tribute was paid to 12 IDF soldiers in attendance who were injured during the Jewish State’s slaughter in Gaza this past summer that claimed the lives of over 2000 Palestinians, including over 500 children. Thankfully, some NBA veterans were vocal in their criticism of the hypocrisy in such a ceremony.

In addition to the successful appeal of a fascist religious nationalism, recruitment efforts for the Islamic State and the Jewish State have been bolstered by the “successes” of each state’s ethnic cleansing resume. Quartz Managing Editor Bobby Ghosh says regarding the appeal of ISIS:

“Well, the main thing is that nothing succeeds like success. This is a group seen to be successful. They have taken territory. They are holding territory. They have got tanks. They have weapons, modern weapons.”

The Jewish State has inflated its reputation of “success” through finding creative ways to collectively punish and ethnically cleanse non-Jews, paving its way to becoming a leading global arms exporter. Jewish State arms dealer Elbit Systems posted its highest stock prices in three years during the most recent assault on Gaza. Its lowest reports came during the 19-month ceasefire between November 2012 and May 2014, demonstrating the culture of corporate profit from Palestinian death.


Double Standards Towards Religious Extremism

One of the most egregious attacks of militant Zionism in the Jewish State in recent memory was the kidnapping and horrific murder of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohamed Abu Khdeir. Stolen off the streets of East Jerusalem on July 2nd, Khdeir’s tortured and charred body was later found abandoned in the woods.

On the day Khdier’s body was found, CNN host Jim Scuitto’s analysis of Khdeir’s murder proceeded as follows:

  1. “Was it in retaliation for the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens?”
  2. “Violence only leads to more violence” – Quoting John Kerry
  3. “How hard to hit back against Hamas?”
  4. “Radical Islam is on the doorsteps of Israel” – Guest Nicholas Burns, Prof. of International Relations, Harvard:

“The Middle East, Jim, is at a very, very unstable and violent phase. You have just north of Israel and Syria, ISIS has established a caliphate in northern Syria and western Iraq. Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a very important speech where he warned that radical Islam is on the doorsteps of Israel, in Jordan, in Syria. So I think the Israelis here have larger strategic interests than just the situation with the Palestinians. And I think the prime minister is focused on that.”

Slowly, we see the drifting away from the story at hand. CNN omitted the opportunity to link the roots of Khdeir’s murder to the history of Zionist terror in the Jewish State, a reality acknowledged by anti-Zionist Jew Albert Einstein, and instead realigned its coverage with the typical sensational threat of radical Islam mounting on the doorstep of Western society.

Compared with a typical headline from CNN’s coverage of the shooting in Ottawa’s Parliament on October 22: “Islamic Terrorism Suspected in Canada Shooting,” the double standard becomes clear. A Muslim’s crime immediately warrants speculation of Jihadist influence, segueing to the phenomenon of Westerners leaving their countries to join their ranks. Between October 23 and 24 alone, CNN ran 30 headlines that made a connection, either positive or negative, between the three attacks and radical Islam or ISIS, compared with zero headlines connecting Khdeir’s murder to extremism in Jewish State society.

Unlike their Islamist counterparts, Zionist terrorists are treated as independent “criminals” whose actions have no traceable connection to racist Jewish State propaganda or the hundreds of Americans fleeing to fight for it. Three of the seven suspects involved in Khdeir’s murder were indicted on murder charges and will serve their jail time. No sensational microscope was placed on Jewish State society and how its militant culture of anti-Palestinian hatred, one that sexualizes military conquest on female Palestinian bodies, influenced such an atrocious act.

Bibi finish inside

[Reads: “BiBi finish inside this time! Signed, citizens in favor of a ground assault” (2014)]

The Islamic State and the Jewish State

The hypersurveillance of Muslim individuals ensures that no “lone wolf” will slip through the cracks without their allegiance to a Jihadist organization being questioned. The side effects are detrimental, as Islamophobia persists, the Muslim public is expected to answer for every grave act committed by a self-identifying Muslim, and alternative motivations to violent attacks don’t stick to public discourse.

When the march of the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria, and Kurdistan warrants airstrikes from the American military, but protesting the expansion of the Jewish State in Palestine becomes an act that goes “against American values”, we realize the sophistication of Jewish State propaganda. Even publicly criticizing the genocidal actions of the Jewish State warranted termination for Professor Steven Salaita, who was fired from the University of Illinois for tweeting about the massacre of Gazan civilians.

Where is the sensational coverage of the 1000 American foreign fighters who have fled to fight for the Jewish State? Apparently it is one form of religious extremism we are willing to tolerate.